Lungwort officinalis

Lungwort officinalis belongs to Boraginaceae family. This is a perennial plant that starts effloresce as soon as the snow is melted; it may be found everywhere, in the woods and ravines, in the bushes and along the river banks. At the beginning of blooming its flowers are pink-crimson turning blue-purple by the end of blooming, such a flower chameleon. The lungwort flower looks like a bell. The height is not more than 35 centimeters. The lungwort composition includes tannins, carotene, mucus, alkaloids, cevitamic acid, saponins and tannins.


It's interesting:

Lungwort called "pulmonary" by people is known from the first Russian collections of healing herbs such as the remarkable monument of Russian culture of the Xl century "Miscellany of Grand Prince Sviatoslav Iaroslavovich".

Than lungwort officinalis healthy:

Lungwort is used in traditional medicine as brew, tea and also applications and compresses. Lungwort is helpful in all types of pulmonary diseases (hence the popular name): tuberculosis, lung cancer, inveterate bronchitis and pneumonia, accumulation of fluid, hemoptysis and catarrh. Also the brews with this herb are used in the treatment of nervous and cardiac diseases, headaches and inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, and also as the external remedy for wounds and ulcers healing.


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