Q: Are these lozenges really made in Switzerland?

A: Yes they are! Completely! Raw materials are locally sourced, and than lozenges are made and packaged in the Aargau canton in Switzerland!

Q: Why should I chose Alpinola over other herbal lozenges?

A: We know there are many brands to choose from! Once you see the composition of Alpinola lozenges - you will see that they have the most reach composition in terms of medicinal plants - so you are really getting the best product out there. And when you try them - we trust you will be a fan for life! 
We take this trust very seriously and will continue working to bring you the best product ever!

Q: Do I choose Sugar Free or Honey Lozenges?

A: That is a great question! A lot will depend on personal preferences and condition. Some things to consider is whether you are diabetic, are you sick or simply have a sore throat, or is your throat sore from talking, are you allergic to Honey or any other ingredients specific to one presentation or the other. For example, public speakers might want to choose Honey based formula, since honey provides a soothing effect on exhausted throat; while diabetics will likely choose sugar free formula. 

Q: What is the difference between Alpinola Lozenges Sugar Free and Alpinola Lozenges Sugar Free with Stevia?

A: Both are sugar free versions of our iconic lozenges, but Sugar Free version is sweetened with conventional sweetener - sucralose, whereas Stevia Sugar Free lozenges are sweetened with Stevia. Sucralose is the same well-known and well-liked sweetener as used in Splenda (R). Stevia, on the other hand, is a natural plant-derived sweetener.

Q: I thought Pine sap is bitter - would not your lozenges be bitter as well?

A: Absolutely not! We are using carefully extracted Pine Oil from southern Pinus palustris - it is not bitter. But there is nothing like trying!

Q: I have allergies - can I use Alpinola Lozenges?

A: Our Lozenges are:
- Gluten free
- GMO free
- Nut-free and are made in a nut-free facility
- No colors
- No preservatives
- Natural flavors
- No soy, wheat or dairy



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