• Pour 3-5 drops of Alpinola Oil on the palm of your hand and rub between both hands. Breathe deeply and slowly into cupped hands 4-5 times and repeat as necessary.
  • Alternatively, sprinkle 5-10 drops on a cotton ball or tissue and allow evaporating into the air. For a more direct approach, sniff the cotton ball or tissue. For a milder, more constant exposure: keep the cotton ball in your immediate vicinity (for example, leave it sitting on your desk next to your computer).
  • Sprinkling on a handkerchief is another convenient way to carry around and inhale Alpinola oil as needed.
  • On-the-go, opening the Alpinola Oil bottle and holding it to your nose is the easiest way to experience its benefits.

Steam Inhalation

  • Pour 15-20 drops of Alpinola oil in a cup of steaming water, place a towel over the head and the bowl of water with Alpinola Oil and breathe deeply.
  • Start by using half the suggested amount of Alpinola Oil for the first time to get acquainted with steam inhalation.
  • It might be more comfortable to keep the eyes closed.


  • Alpinola Oil can be successfully used with essential oil diffusers and humidifiers. Follow device manufacturer’s instructions for adding Alpinola to the electronic diffusers or humidifiers.
  • Alternatively, Alpinola oil can be sprinkled on terra cotta diffusers. Do not candle-burn, however, terra cotta or similar diffusers can be placed near room heaters to facilitate evaporation and circulation in room air.
  • Drops of essential oils can also be placed in a water-based solution, shaken, and sprayed into the air in order to deodorize a room or set a mood.

Massage Use

  • Add 15-20 drops of Alpinola oil to approx. ½ cup of carrier oil and use for massage.

Topical Use

  • Alpinola Oil can be applied directly to the skin. Popular areas of applying essential oils to your skin are on temples, wrists (pulse points), feet, chest, back of neck, or behind ears.
  • In case of sensitivity to Alpinola Oil, it can be mixed with neutral carrier oils to dilute it before applying to the skin.


  • 15-20 drops or more of Alpinola Oil can be added directly to the warm bath.
  • It is recommended to mix-in 15-30 drops of Alpinola Oil with a cup of Epsom Salt (or other non-fragrant bath salts) and than dissolve in the warm batch.
  • If full bath is not possible – footbath is another great way to enjoy Alpinola Oil.

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